KindyRock at Home: Pack Q Young Children 4 - 6 yrs




Another great at home pack for Young children. This pack has 5 songs and a parents manual describing in detail how you can share music with your child at home. Includes the songs:

KindyRock Hoedown This is by far the most requested kindyRock song ever. Get your feet tapping and do some dancing!
1, 2, 3, 4 Tappers Using tapping sticks and counting up to 16. Great for building rhythm and listening skills.
At the Zoo Learn the days of the week plus some animals and their sounds.
What Come Next? A fun action song about going on a holiday. With sequencing skills, fine and gross motor skills developed.
I can Shake then I Stop. A favourite kindyRock song. Helps with rhythm, sequencing and listening skills plus using different instruments.