KindyRock at Home: Pack K Preschoolers 2 1/2 - 4 yrs




Another great at home pack for pre-schoolers. This pack has 5 songs and a parents manual describing in detail how you can share music with your toddler at home. Includes the songs:

Sit on the Mat and Clap A worldwide favourite getting kids to clap, tap and pat.
Wibble Wobble A fun song that you can use just with your body or with scarves, pompoms or stretchy lycra. A new take on the old song jelly on the plate.
Make your Scarf Fly High A lovely scarf song that gets everyone moving.
The KindyRock March An action song that gets everyone marching, jumping and hopping.
I can Play on the Beat A song to use with instruments that encourages playing in time and playing softly, loudly and quickly.