Workshops and Staff Training

We are very excited to introduce our Scarf Workshop... 


kindyrock workshop

Yes, we are back into the groove of teaching again!

Are you stuck for ideas on songs to use, games to play and what to do at Mat Time yet?

Want to find a way to give all your team members the new ideas at once?

Then look no further! Our online Scarf workshop is for you!

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What you will get:

  • Access to our pre-recorded training video during March and April 2017
  • Digital copies of all 5 of the tracks taught in the video
  • Teaching notes and lyrics to accompany the 5 tracks
  • Comprehensive instructions on 2x Scarf themed games to play with your children

How it works:

  • You will receive a video link where you can view the training.
  • You only have pay once per centre.
  • Gather your staff together to watch the training as a team or pass them the link to watch individually at the centre or at their homes.


Bonus Material: You will also receive a download pack that will contain your 5 songs, the teaching notes and printable game instructions.

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KindyRock is dedicated to providing fun, easy and affordable PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT training programmes and workshops for Early Learning Centres, Schools, Parent Centres, Creches and Plunket Groups. Tailor made options are available right throughout New Zealand.

Our Workshops are a fun, interactive and action packed 90 minute session where you learn about the astonishing ways that music can benefit a child's mental development and the benefits of using music as a genuine learning tool. Our Workshop events are perfect for Educators (in Early Learning Centres, Play Centres and In-Home Environments), Parents/Caregivers and anyone with an interest in using music as an educational resource.



Staff Training:

Our staff training is an effective way to get all of your staff working together and moving forward with the same goals, in a fun practical way. The 90 minute session covers some aspects of the theory behind musical education but more importantly it offers inspiration and motivation to your staff in a fun way that shows results! Choose from one of our existing workshops, or allow us to tailor a session towards your learning objectives.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements for your training sessions and we are happy to work with you.


Here's what our clients say about our training nights:

* Great to be able to do the workshop as a team in our own environment...and to buy CD’s on the night and get into using them the next day with the children.

* The most fun professional development I’ve ever been to.

* Great fun to do as a whole team and then to pass on to the children with support from other teachers.

* Loved using the CD’s, our child with special needs joined in – first time ever – thank you, great user friendly resource.

* Using the various instruments in different ways was just great and so much fun.

* Thanks again, keep up the great work.....From the staff at Kumeu Village Kindergarten.