Music Licenses

National and international law prevents you from playing kindyRock music to a public audience, or for commercial gain unless you have a license. You can solve this easily by purchasing an appropriate kindyRock Public Performing License.

If you are playing KindyRock music outside of home in a community non profit making group then you will need a community public performing license.

If you are playing KindyRock music outside of home in a music class or other activity that you are charging for (i.e. profit making) you will need a public performing license.

Please contact us at the kindyRock NZ  office if you would like to enquire about a Music License.

Please note: If you are playing KindyRock music at home or in a day-care, Early Learning Centre, Kindergarten or School then you DON'T need a music license. However, currently schools in New Zealand and Australia do need to tell APRA/AMCOS that you are using our songs.