Musical Fundraising

Fundraising That Feeds The Mind!


Did you know that music helps our children learn? 

KindyRock love to feed children's minds with musical learning! That is why we have introduced our affordable and fun fundraising CDs.

Let's help our children continue their learning at home and make some money for your Centre at the same time!

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What Do Our Families Get?

  • 5 Awesome kindyRock songs for only $5!
  • Available as a CD or a Digital Download


What Does My Centre Get?

  • KindyRock will donate $1 from every CD or digital download sold to your Centre!
  • The more you sell, the more your Centre gets!


How Does it Work?

  1. Book the date that you want your Music delivered on
  2. KindyRock will provide you personalised Order forms to send home with your families
  3. Collect the completed forms and money back from your families
  4. Advise kindyRock of the total number of items required at least 1 week before the delivery date
  5. KindyRock will contact you to confirm payment and delivery details
  6. Distribute the awesome music to your families!


The Finer Details

  • If you have an event coming up, like a Disco, Family Fun Day or Gala then kindyRock can supply you with fundraising stock for the day.
  • Sell them at your Chrustmas Party for awesome stocking stuffers
  • We are able to personalise your CDs to contain 5 of your Centre's favourite tracks
  • Your Centre's branding can be added onto the CDs


Why Musical Fundraising is Magic For Our Children's Brains

  • Endorphins are the feel-good hormone our body releases when we are doing something we enjoy. We feel happy and relaxed, and when we are in that mood, it makes it easier to learn. So when you play music that your children enjoy, you’re making it easier for them to pick up on all sorts of new concepts.
  • Children’s brains are more engaged when they are listening to music. When different parts of the brain are being engaged they are building pathways. Each time that pathway is engaged, it’s getting another coat of a substance called myelin which protects and strengthens the pathway.
  • So each time you put music on for your children, the fun, movement and singing is not just making them happy, it’s growing their brain!


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