About Us

KindyRock is a global award winning children's music education program, developed in New Zealand by renowned music educator Judi Cranston. Judi has brought together her degree in musical education and 20 years of teaching experience to design the kindyRock concept An accomplished musician with a performance career spanning from musicals to rock and blues, Judi is the creative force behind kindyRock. 

KindyRock NZ is headed by Gemma Knight, a university graduate and an avid anywhere-singer of all KindyRock music! Gemma has partnered with Judi in New Zealand to deliver the fantastic music and services included in the KindyRock concept. 

Kindyrock is about using fun music to exercise and develop the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills in young children as well instilling a love of music. The specifically composed songs are used in the classroom, in public groups and at home. Certified kindyRock teacher training and licensing is available for public classes, teaching resource packs are provided for schools and centres, or parents can follow the kindyRock At Home programme and music CDs in the comfort of their own homes.

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The kindyRock phenomenon has spread around the world, spreading from Norway to Singapore, winning awards in the UK along the way. 

KindyRock is supported by professionals throughout NZ in the music and education sectors. Each bring their vocal, musical, composition and production skills to help make KindyRock the exciting professional education programme that is. Vocalists are drawn from within the KindyRock team as well as special contributors, ensuring a refreshing wide range of listening pleasures.