What Musical Skills Are We Working On?

It's hard to believe that we are learning while we are listening to music as with all the dancing and singing, it's so much fun! But our children are indeed learning at the same time!

All kindyRock songs are written with 12 educational principles in mind. So we are always teaching and the students are always learning. Because our music is so fun and catchy, this learning is not always apparent on the surface, but the brain is always ticking away!

The most first skill we are working on is our Musical Skills. 


Growing Brains:

It is quite obvious that we are working on musical skills while listening to music. But it is the kind of music. In order to gain the full learning potential from music, our children should listen to music that is appropriate to growing brains.

We all know that One Direction and Taylor Swift are super popular for our young people, but they do not teach the necessary core music skills in their music. Their music is full of runs, complex musical structures and many changes in tempo. Our young ones also need a simple melody so they are able to learn to sing without all those runs and dipping in and out of registers. If they are thinking about how to sing a song line, then they are missing out on all the other fun of the song!


Young children naturally sing in a higher pitch to adults. So when you are singing with your little ones, try and sing in a slightly higher pitch than you usually would. You will find that it's much easier for them to sing along in a tune that somewhat resembles the song! Don't go all Barry White on your children! 


Rhythm and Beat:

Finally they are learning rhythm and beat. By tapping along to the music, doing the actions in time and also playing instruments, students learn the fundametals of keeping the beat in music. This is a skill they will often pick up around 4 years old. As parents and educators we can help them learn by tapping to the beat on a part of their body, try not to shake their hands with the instruments in them.


If you would love to practice some of the Music Skills above then check out our At Home Music Packs. They are divided into age appropriate level, so you can pick the right stage for your little ones. They include 5 songs, the lyrics and a cool parent manual with tips on playing music with your children. Grab your copy here!

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